Toddler & Enrichment Programs

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Creative Saturdays

Each Creative Saturday will be an engaging exploration of art, play, music, dance, tinkering and more.  It is designed with a mindful, slow pace which allows the children to build relationships, follow a routine, and explore creatively in a warm and supportive setting.

The morning follows a predictable schedule, but materials and provocations vary based on the children’s passions and interests.

Art: Exploration of different materials such as clay, watercolor, wire and paint.

Play: At the center of exploring creatively, open and guided play builds thinking skills and relationships allowing children to grow socially and emotionally and build a healthy self-identity.

Tinkering: From block building to constructing with recyclables, tinkering builds important skills such as problem solving, tenacity, and creative thinking.

Classes for 2-3 year olds and 3-5 year olds.

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Toddler Transitions Class

This specialized toddler class is created for children 18-36 months and focuses on socialization, exploration with peers, and discovery.  Caregivers stay in the classroom with their child while he/she becomes familiar with the environment and teachers. The Sunshine Shack has a mindful and nurturing approach to the transition process.

There will be weekly parent education opportunities and discussions once the children are settled and the parents have separated.